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Why Faux Flowers?

Posted on May 16, 2019

Faux Flowers bring the outdoor in and provide the perfect finishing touch to your decor.

We all love a hint of greenery in our home and it is even better that we can create a show-stopping and everlasting centrepiece which requires minimal effort and no restriction on season.

As it may be quite apparent with our Brand name, Peonies are my favourite flower but their bloom time is never long enough to enjoy such an exquisite stem.

Faux Silk Flowers have made a huge comeback over the past couple of years and we take pride in selecting life-like botanicals which can be adorned in an array of arrangements or simply styled to add character to your living space.

I have listed some tips below which may inspire you to go faux.

  1. It’s all about the vase, your base in your display, Whether it be a tall or round vase, it makes such a difference when it comes to choosing the stems you want to feature. The stems should be longer than the vase itself.
  2. Select your colour scheme and the shape you want to create (this is dependant on where your display will be situated)
  3. In keeping with the colour palette, you can choose a selection of flowers  to create a wild bunched display which looks like you’ve picked them straight from your garden. Or if you want it to be well balanced, stick with 3 different flowers for a simplistic design.
  4. Opt for a mixture of stems, flowers with an abundance of petals, branches and leafy foilage. However, there is nothing wrong with a vase full of pure foilage. Our Eucalyptus stems are very popular styled on their own.
  5. Style your stems individually so that they look more realistically when placed within your arrangement. Separate the leaves and bend the stems in the direction you want the flower to sit.
  6. Start layering in your vase, starting with your larger headed blooms, or your foilage, as there is more of this. Try not to have the same flower bunched together and separate with foilage weaved inbetween flower heads, such as hydrangeas or placed between different flowers so there is an even colour and height distribution. Keep adding until the vase is looking full.
  7. Our stems can be trimmed down using wire cutters or some that you are able to bend, which can sometimes help the stem stay in it’s place, making it easier for you to arrange within the vase. Once you have played around with your flowers, and got them into the perfect position, you will know if you need to trim the ends if they are looking too tall.
  8. Occasionally take a step back when arranging your display to ensure that it is looking symmetrical and equally distributed.
  9. Your beautiful eye-catching creation is ready to be displayed in your living space and will transform the living room with a bright and fresh look without the timely upkeep.
  10. Cleaning Tip-All of our flowers can be quite delicate, so when cleaning, we advise to gently dust the petals and to not use any cleaning substances which could discolour and damage.

Experience the beauty of Faux Flowers and Foilage from Peony Lane Interiors 

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